AACE Foods Story

On the continent of Africa, across countries, cultures and traditions, there has always<br /> been a common belief that food is medicine!. At AACE we are committed to preserving and celebrating our rich culinary and wellness heritage. We use 100% natural ingredients grown by farmers in rich, fertile soil, seasonally, hand-harvested and sun-dried. Our dedicated female team cleans, blends, and packs the spices and seasoning with care.<br /> From the farm to your plate, we improve the nutrition, taste, and lives of everyone who grows, blends, and enjoys the AACE experience.


World-class products that are of the highest quality standards, which are attractive, tasty and nutritious



Low cost operations in which energy and capital is conserved and waste is minimized


A commitment to innovation; a learning culture that promotes advancement for the team and the operations



Team members who are known and respected for their hard work, consistency and integrity

About Us

AACE Foods is an indigenous Nigerian company established in November 2009. We process, package and distribute nutritious and tasty food made from the best of West Africa’s fruits, herbs, vegetables and cereals. Our product line consists of spices, spreads, sauces and complementary food that excite and satisfy institutional, commercial and retail customers.

Our Mission:

To provide nutritious and tasty food made from the best of West Africa’s cereals, grains, herbs and vegetables.

Our Vision:

To be the preferred provider of food for West Africans, thereby contributing significantly to the nutritional status of West Africans, and improved livelihoods of farmers across the region.

Our Values:

Proudly Africans, quality products, cost and time efficiency, continuous improvement, and accountability.


AACE Foods has partnered with key international development agencies since 2010 to develop a local supply chain sourcing produce from over 10,000 farmers. It is a member of the 2-SCALE Network. We train, facilitate micro-finance and provide farmer clusters with storage technology. This direct relationship has enabled us to build reliable sources of raw materials and to improve the lives of smallholder farmers. We are working towards incorporating 20,000 farmers into our supply chain by 2020.