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Basil is a pleasant, leafy green plant native to Asia and Africa. It is a member of the mint family, and there are several kinds. This fragrant herb is used as a culinary flavouring and is also used in teas and supplements, which may give a variety of health advantages. Ocimum basilicum is the scientific name for the basil that is frequently purchased for use in cooking (abbreviated O. basilicum). There are several kinds of O. basilicum, including; Sweet basil: is the most extensively produced and popular basil, and it is well-known for its usage in Italian recipes. In supermarkets, it is commonly offered dry. It tastes like licorice and cloves. Bush or Greek basil: has a strong perfume but a moderate flavour and can be used in place of sweet basil. It grows nicely in a container and forms a compact shrub with little leaves.

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